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I am incompetent

I only just realized that there is no proposal paper assignment after which to start full research, and that I should have designed and started research by now. I am incompetent.   Advertisements

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The Prisoners’ Dilemma and Opportunity Cost

Throughout the discussion of the prisoners’ dilemma, I heard people state that they would defect the turn after being defected upon to “make up the points.” This struck me as questionable, as it seems to assume a baseline of five … Continue reading

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Have created calendars for zoo attendance

I’ve created a set of public calendars for zoo attendance. They are named “driving Brandeis->zoo,” “driving zoo->brandeis,” “riding b->Z,” “riding z->b,” and “Zoo attendance.”

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An interesting article in the NY Times

There was an interesting article about New Caledonian Crows in yesterday’s Science Times. Very cool.   As for the question of confounding factors in the ant research, could it be that there are more queens in colonies with more queens, … Continue reading

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