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Whelp, I’m failing the class

My paper is really not going well. Firstly, my research method is pretty bad. I’ve been going to Brandeis every day at roughly the same time to see how many larvae I can see under all the rocks on that … Continue reading

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Got food

I started my big points cashout today by getting the food for Friday, so I think we’re set for snacks.

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The EL(2) Symposium

I’ll be presenting a poster on my research in Kenya, so please drop by. Don’t worry about class readings, I’m sure Dr. Perlman will understand (or at least blame me instead of you). (EL)2 WHEN: Thursday March 24th, 2011 (schedule … Continue reading

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How are people fiding animals?

Looking at my schedule, I’m not sure I can go to the zoo enough for consistency (I have a class each day, which means I’d need every day of every weekend at the zoo), so I may need to find … Continue reading

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I am incompetent

I only just realized that there is no proposal paper assignment after which to start full research, and that I should have designed and started research by now. I am incompetent.  

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Well this is interesting Anthropologists studying living hunter-gatherers have radically revised their view of how early human societies were structured, a shift that yields new insights into how humans evolved away from apes. Early human groups, according to the new view, would have … Continue reading

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The Prisoners’ Dilemma and Opportunity Cost

Throughout the discussion of the prisoners’ dilemma, I heard people state that they would defect the turn after being defected upon to “make up the points.” This struck me as questionable, as it seems to assume a baseline of five … Continue reading

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