How are people fiding animals?

Looking at my schedule, I’m not sure I can go to the zoo enough for consistency (I have a class each day, which means I’d need every day of every weekend at the zoo), so I may need to find animals on campus, but I’ve barely seeing squirrels. Where is everyone seeing their animals?

God I wish I had tracking equipment so that would let me find turkey whenever I wanted.


Hmm. Maybe I could spend each weekend day seeing whether the gorillas only stay near the glass when there are people around, but I’m not sure there will be any Sundays or Saturdays when there won’t be constant crowds.


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2 Responses to How are people fiding animals?

  1. opalandpanda says:

    The turkeys will probably show up more reliably with the warmer weather. That’s been my experience, anyway.

    As for animals to observe, since I chose crows I just observe them when I see them and I’m not actively on my way to class. I just keep watching until they leave.

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